Unexploded Explosive Ordnance Removal to be Conducted in Conception Bay South

The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces will be conducting underwater unexploded explosive ordnance removal from the four Bell Island Shipwrecks between July 15 and 24, 2019 in Conception Bay South.

After community consultation, Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic, based at Canadian Forces Base Halifax, is conducting the clearance work on behalf of the Department’s Legacy UXO Programme.

The operation’s safety, environmental, preservation, and logistics include: Removal Work (Conception Bay South):

  • RCMP providing a 1 nautical mile (1.85 kilometre) marine safety exclusion zone around each wreck when military clearance divers are handling UXO.

  • Underwater removal work to take place each day from early afternoon to early evening. This is the period in which the safety exclusion zone will be implemented and managed to reduce disruption.

  • There will be no underwater detonation so as to preserve the integrity of the environment, marine life and wreck structures.

  • Ferry service will not be affected by this remediation operation.

  • The number of UXO to be recovered on each wreck will only be known once the clearance divers dive the sites and detail each wreck’s UXO removal plan.

Disposal Work will take place at Cambrai Rifle Range in Makinsons.

  • RCMP and RNC are providing a transportation safety cordon while the UXO are in transit to DND/CAF Cambrai Rifle Range where the UXO will be disposed.

  • A segment of Veteran’s Memorial Highway near the range will be closed during detonation. RCMP will close and open the highway prior to and following each detonation to minimize traffic disruption.

  • Residents nearby can expect to hear up to 10 controlled detonations from the range on the days demolition will occur in this period. The detonations will occur during daylight hours.

  • For additional safety measures, the public is requested to refrain from accessing public lands that fall within a 1000 metre radius of the range.