OPINION: Corner Brook Come Home Year Points to a Larger Problem

From July 19 to July 28 Corner Brook will hold a Come Home Year.

Come Home Year is a civic event for many towns that encourages a return to home town.

The reason to have a Come Home Year is usually because of significant economic migration away from many of the small rural towns these events draw many generations to celebrate.

In McIvers, there was a Come Home Year in 2017 that tripled the town's population.

The province had a Come Home Year in 2000.

It is unusual for a city to have a Come Home Year, those events are typically for rural areas that have people moving away. Corner Brook is a city.

It points to a larger problem.

The population has been dropping here since 1981. In 1971 Corner Brook had a population of 26,309, now it is down to 19,806.

It will be nice to see so many people come back for Come Home Year, but why are people leaving Corner Brook?

If Corner Brook doesn't come up with a plan to keep people here, this could be the first of many Come Home Year's.