Motorists Reminded of Increased Moose & Caribou Presence during Calving Season #nltraffic

The departments of Fisheries and Land Resources, and Transportation and Works remind drivers to watch out for moose and caribou on the highways, particularly in the St. Anthony and Howley areas where increased caribou activity can be anticipated as they migrate from wintering areas.

Motorists are advised to:

  • Scan both sides of the highway when travelling;

  • Pay attention to moose and caribou warning signs;

  • Avoid driving at dusk and dawn when moose and caribou are more common alongside highways;

  • Have passengers also watch for moose and caribou; and

  • Reduce speeds when driving at night when moose and caribou are more difficult to see.

Additionally, adult female moose are preparing for spring calving, and yearling calves from the previous year are being abandoned. These young animals may pose an increased risk to motorists, since they tend to be very active and may move long distances.

Motorists should be vigilant of moose and caribou at all times, particularly before and during the calving season and throughout the summer. Due caution should be exercised during these periods.