NL Elects a Liberal Minority Government #nlpoli

After 29 days the provincial election in Newfoundland and Labrador is over. Voters of the province have elected a Liberal minority government.

Number of seats won

  • Liberal 20

  • PC 15

  • NDP 3

  • NL Alliance 0

  • Independent 2

All 40 seats were up for grabs with 21 seats needed for a majority government.

Going into the election the Liberals had 27 seats, the Progressive Conservatives had 8, the NDP had 2 and there were 3 independents.

The Liberals lost 7 seats, the Progressive Conservatives gained 7, the NDP gained 1 and there will be 2 independents.

The provincial election had been slated for October but it would have coincided with the federal election.