Icebergs are Plentiful in Newfoundland


There are over 50 icebergs along the north coast of Newfoundland.

The highest contractions are in the northern tip of the Great Northern Peninsula and in the Green Bay-White Bay area.

The icebergs come through Iceberg Alley from spring to early summer.

As you move north, the season stretches a bit longer. April and May are the months when bergs are most plentiful.

Icebergs are notorious for keeping around 90 per cent of their bulk hidden beneath the surface of the sea.

While this makes them far more dangerous to shipping than they appear, it does mean they’re extremely stable, and unlikely to wobble about.

Yet even mountain-sized icebergs weighing hundreds of millions of tonnes have been known to flip over, creating large waves capable of swamping nearby vessels.