Highway Safety Upgrades near Exploits River #nltraffic

Motorists travelling on the Trans-Canada Highway in central Newfoundland now benefit from a number of safety upgrades to highway infrastructure near the Exploits River. The completion of safer, upgraded approaches to the new Sir Robert Bond Bridge marks the end of the final phase of the federal-provincial cost-shared bridge replacement project.

The full scope of the Sir Robert Bond Bridge replacement project included the reconfiguration of the Botwood interchange and the east and west approaches to the bridge, as well as demolition and removal of the former bridge and an upgraded underpass for the nearby Newfoundland T’Railway. Motorists now encounter a more familiar and universal diamond interchange and approach the bridge along a flatter, straighter portion of road, which allows for increased visibility and safety, especially in inclement weather.

The project also resulted in the relocation of the Route 351 intersection with the Trans-Canada Highway to a safer location further from the bridge. The new bridge first opened to traffic in October of 2017.