Premier Denounces Workplace Harassment #nlpoli

In the House of Assembly on Tuesday Premier Ball denounced harassment in the workplace.

Ball said, "in society and in this House of Assembly bullying, harassment and intimidation in any form and by any means is not acceptable."

On April 30, 2018 Dale Kirby was removed from cabinet and caucus following allegations of harassment.

Kirby sat as an Independent during an investigation of the complaint by the Commissioner for Legislative Standards.

On August 27, it came to light that the Commissioner for Legislative Standards had cleared him and Eddie Joyce of wrongdoing in all the allegations made by fellow Liberal MHA Colin Holloway.

On October 20, 2018, Kirby leaked the results of the report regarding MHA Pam Parsons’ complaint to the public. Kirby was cleared on all complaints, except making an inappropriate comment to Parsons at the 2016 Liberal Party AGM; the report recommended a sanction by the House of Assembly on that count.

Ball said that harassment and bullying is not acceptable and there will be zero tolerance.