Editorial: Why Not Wind?

This province is one of the windiest places in Canada. St. John's holds the record as the windiest city in Canada.

If you've ever driven across the Maritimes, 31 wind farms dot the landscape, dwarfing the three in Newfoundland.

The St. Lawrence Wind Farm is located about one kilometer northwest of the community of St. Lawrence on the Burin Peninsula. The wind farm has nine turbines and generates 27 megawatts of electricity.

The Fermeuse Wind Farm is located in the community of Fermeuse on the Southern Shore, Avalon Peninsula. The project consists of nine turbines and generates 27 megawatts of electricity.

Nalcor Energy has built one of the first projects in the world to use power from wind, hydrogen and diesel in an isolated community. The Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel Energy Project in Ramea is a research and development project that uses renewable energy sources along with electricity produced in a diesel plant.

An average wind turbine that is onshore can produce more than 6 million kwh a year, enough to supply about 1500 average households.

Sure creating wind farms wouldn't be cheap, but it would be cheaper than the boondoggle that is Muskrat Falls.

We love this place because of the weather let's start using it.