Man Lucky to Be Alive After Dangerous Encounter on Highway #nltraffic

Norman Woodland seen here with his great-grandson.

Seventy-year-old Norman Woodland has two dreams, the first is to have his two grandsons, who are serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force, to stand with him, who is a veteran, at the Greenspond War Memorial. The second is that he lives long enough to give his great grandson some great memories of him.

Those two dreams were nearly cut short after a terrifying incident on Route 320 between Greenspond and Wesleyville over the weekend.

Woodland noticed a silver grey car travelling at an excessive speed coming toward him. At about 100 yards, the car swerved into his lane. He hit on the brakes.

The other car speeding toward him barely managed to get back to their own lane almost hitting his SUV.

As the car passed him, Woodland said he noticed a cellphone in the other divers hand.

Woodland added, "texting is just as dangerous as drunk driving, and it must stop. Fines aren’t high enough and why not impound the vehicles of those who are caught texting while driving?"


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