RNC Offer Tips to Help Protect Against Vehicle Theft #nltraffic

The RNC are offering some tips to protect you against automobile theft on the Northeast Avalon.

There continues to be complaints of automobile theft where the suspects are finding vehicle keys inside of the unlocked vehicle or in other vehicles parked in driveways.

Police are stressing the importance of securing your vehicle and never leaving the vehicle’s key inside of the vehicle or in commonly known ‘hiding places’ such as in the visor or under seats. Some tips the public can follow to protect their vehicle against theft and break-ins include:

  • Always secure your vehicle’s doors and keep windows up;

  • Never leave valuables in plain sight inside of your vehicle and store anything that could attract the attention of a would-be thief in the trunk;

  • Never store any keys to your home, your vehicle, or other vehicles in your vehicle;

  • Be cautious leaving remote openers for garage doors inside of vehicles as they make for an easy entry into your home;

The vast majority of vehicle thefts that investigators are seeing do not involve forceful entry and/or ‘hot wiring.’ In most cases, keys are being found inside of the vehicle or another vehicle in the driveway.


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