Oil Cleanup Complete at Manolis L Site

The Canadian Coast Guard announced on Sunday that oil pumping operations are now complete on the Manolis L.

The hull survey and monitoring period has commenced and continues until the Canadian Coast Guard departs from the site.

When the Manolis L sank in 1985 it was estimated to be carrying 462 cubic metres of oil. The technical assessment indicates that 115-150 cubic metres of hydrocarbons remain trapped in the wreck.

This represents 17% of the total capacity of the ship’s tanks at 868 cubic metres. In addition, the Manolis L was carrying about 60 cubic metres of diesel fuel when it sank.

On January 15, 1985, the Liberian-flagged MV Manolis L, carrying a load of paper, ran aground on Blowhard Rocks and sank near Change Islands in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. The vessel lies in approximately 70 metres of water.

When the Manolis L sank, a small amount of oil was observed, but could not be recovered due to the winter sea ice conditions. Over the next 28 years, there were no reports of oil pollution at the site until an intense storm system in the area generated strong sub-surface ocean currents.

On March 31, 2013, the local Canadian Coast Guard Environmental Response unit received reports of oil on the water. Their investigation discovered two cracks in the hull of the ship, one 22 inches and one 12 inches, in close proximity to each other, and each leaking a small quantity of oil.



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