Government Investments in Arts Initiative Support Economic Development

The Provincial and Federal government are supporting the Botwood Mural Arts Society with more than $61,000 in funding to host the 2018 Global Mural Arts and Tourism Conference in Botwood from September 12 to 15.

The conference will attract delegates from around the world who will gather to celebrate and discuss the important role that mural art plays in economic development and making communities stronger. The Town of Botwood is also contributing $10,000 towards this project.

The Global Mural Arts and Tourism Conference is an international event held every two years and attended by some of the world’s best mural artists and experts. This year’s conference offers a rare opportunity to showcase the significant artistic, historical and cultural assets in Botwood and surrounding communities, as well as provides an opportunity for visitors to experience central Newfoundland; a growing multi-season tourist destination. The government funding will support marketing activities, promotional materials, workshops, and meeting facilities and equipment rental.