EDITORIAL: It's More Than a Crosswalk

This is more than a crosswalk, it is a symbol of not only how far the LGBTQ+ community has come with regards of acceptance, it is a sign that we have further to go.

This crosswalk could have been anywhere... Corner Brook, Springdale, St. John's. Regardless of location, these six colors are a sign of pride, and for some, a sign that we as a society are going too far.

We are going too far when someone can be who are are without being ridiculed?

If you answered "yes" to that question then maybe the LGBTQ+ community could teach you a thing or two about acceptance and love for eachother.

These crosswalks do not hurt anyone, your defamation of these crosswalks does not help your anti-gay cause. It just goes to show why we need these crosswalks. Because people who treat other people different because of who they are need to know that is not the right way to be.

The colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community. There is the argument that why should these crosswalks be shoved down our throats, that would hurt, well it isn't...

Why can't we have "Straight Pride" crosswalks or "Straight Pride" parades? That's a great idea, when was the straight or heterosexual civil rights movement? Oh right...

At the end of the day a crosswalk is just paint on a roadway. The colours whether white or rainbow, have a purpose. To help us cross the street.