RCMP Slapped with $1.1-billion lawsuit

The RCMP has been slapped with a potential class action lawsuit that could see thousands of employees, students and volunteers as claimants that allege bullying and harassment that spans back decades.

The $1.1-billion lawsuit is thought to be the biggest in the RCMP's history.

Both male and female officers, civilian staff, and volunteers have come forward.

The government and RCMP have not yet filed a response.

In October 2016, RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson apologized for what he referred to as "shameful conduct" by the organization. An internal investigation determined that up to 20,000 female officers and civilian employees since 1974, may have been the victim of harassment, discrimination, and/or sexual abuse. Additionally, the organization has set aside a $100 million compensation fund for victims.

They did not however address the matter of SSgt Caroline O’Farrell, who brought a separate suit due to her treatment while part of the iconic Musical Ride in the late 1980s.


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