Traffic Regulations changes to come into Effect Thursday

There are some new Highway Traffic regulations that are to come into effect this week on Thursday June 7, 2018.

There amendments were introduced in December 2017. This was introduced to help reduce people from stunt driving, street racing and excessive speeding. The amendments reduce this by adding on licence suspensions and even vehicle impoundments if you are caught.

The move over law also requires drivers to slow down to 30km/hr below the speed limited and drivers to move to the adjacent lane when approaching emergency vehicles and law enforcement.

A fine for driving without consideration for others causing death and due care and attention, has been set at a minimum of $2,000 dollars and a maximum of $20,000. Drivers can also face up to two years in jail or both.

The fine for driving without due care and attention is now moved from $120 - $480 has been increased to $300 - $1000.