RNC Officially Launch 2018-2021 Corporate Plan

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is officially launching the 2018-2021 Corporate Plan.

RNC Chief Joe Boland will be unveiling the RNC’s new Corporate Plan today, May 17, 2018, which outlines the goals and objectives of the organization for the next three years. The Corporate Plan, which has been developed through engagement and consultation with employees and community stakeholders, is a comprehensive document that identifies the priorities of the RNC as well as the people, communities and businesses they serve.

As part of the goal to enhance relationships with the communities they serve, the RNC has developed a new corporate slogan, which highlights its commitment to building safe and healthy communities through community partnerships. “Building Safe and Healthy Communities Together” will be displayed throughout the organization and RNC communications.

“We all have a role to play in improving the health of our community” said Chief Boland. “Working together and building unbreakable community partnerships will allow us to enhance the way police services are delivered in our communities. Improving our response to Mental Health, Illegal Drugs, Violence, and Traffic Safety are among our top priorities. As the Chief of the RNC, I will take steps to ensure we remain focused on achieving our objectives by working with the community.”