Government Releases Recommendations for the Upcoming Salmon Season

Fisheries and Land Resources Minister Gerry Byrne released the Provincial Government’s position on the inland management of Atlantic salmon for the 2018-19 season on Thursday.

Similar to last year’s plan, the province recommends that anglers be issued six tags for a retention fishery, but with measures that will prescribe both retention and hook and release angling opportunities co-exist throughout the full angling season for all Class 2 and Class 4 rivers. In support of this strong conservation ethic, the following checks should be in place to ensure conservation of the salmon stock:

  • Two retention tags to be authorized for June with an in-season review completed at month’s end, or as early as possible in July;

  • If stocks are deemed sufficient at the end of June to support further fish mortality, two more tags will be issued for July;

  • If a consensus is found that further fish removals cannot be supported at the end of June, angling will cease for all fishers until a further scientific review can be conducted at the end of July; and

  • Then, based on the outcome of a second review at the end of July, two final tags would be issued for the remainder of the angling season if warranted or the season will remain closed for all further angling.

Under existing federal regulatory requirements, salmon licences are issued with six tags.