EDITORIAL: Corner Brook is Heading for a Crisis

The City of Corner Brook has a population of 19,806 as of 2016.

Once again the population has dropped. The population has been getting smaller and smaller with every census since 1981.

At its peak there were 26,309 residents here.

The area was originally four communities: Curling, Humber West, Humbermouth and the Heights, and Townsite.

At one point there was a bustling downtown with retail businesses. Today both downtown malls sit partially empty, Broadway has vacant buildings and large companies are downsizing. Scotiabank closed its downtown branch, and Shoppers Drug Mart will be closing the West Street location later this month.

It is clear that Corner Brook, along with the rest of Newfoundland and Labrador, is heading for an economic crisis.

Population is key to increase businesses. There needs to be an accepting government to welcome new businesses and encourage startups.

We need to change the mentality of "head west" and we need to keep people here before it's too late.