Remembering the SS Florizel

The SS Florizel was a passenger liner made to navigate icy waters.

She sank after striking a reef at Horn Head Point, Cape Race near Cappahayden, Newfoundland, with the loss of 94.

Florizel left St. John's on 23 February 1918, for Halifax and then on to New York, with 78 passengers and 66 crew.

Shortly after the vessel left port the weather turned nasty and after nine hours of steaming southward the captain, William J. Martin, assumed that he had rounded Cape Race and consequentially turned westward. However, because of the gale force winds Florizel had actually traveled just 45 miles and was well short of the Cape. The sea crashing against the rocks at Horn Head Point was white with froth and Captain Martin mistook it for ice and eventually crashed full speed into the rocks.