Power Flows from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland

On Tuesday there were big changes to the electricity in this province.

Nalcor has announced that they, along with Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro), along with Emera and Nova Scotia Power, have worked to successfully bring energy over Emera’s new Maritime Link transmission line from Nova Scotia to the island.

The new interconnection from the island to the North American electricity grid through the Maritime Link brings opportunities to enhance system reliability and realize cost savings for electricity customers.

Nalcor says that energy over the Maritime Link is cheaper than burning oil to generate power at Hydro’s Holyrood plant.

The Maritime Link is designed to transmit power to and from the island. With the Maritime Link in service there is greater access for sharing of power across the Atlantic Provinces for the benefit of electricity customers.

Around mid-2018, the Labrador-Island Transmission Link will come into service providing us with additional options to bring lower-cost power to the island.