Enhancing Sea Safety with Innovative Solutions

In the most recent tour of technology companies by representatives of the Provincial Government, the Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, as well as Mark Browne, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, visited Virtual Marine to view the progress of its new Ice Management Simulator. The simulator is designed specifically to target the needs of the coast guard, and defence industry. Virtual Marine also demonstrated its lifeboat simulator, which is used in the offshore oil and gas industry globally for coxswain training.

The Ice Management Simulator addresses the growing demands under new Polar Code and provides a medium for operators to prepare for Arctic activities and challenging ice situations. The Lifeboat Simulator creates opportunities to train for evacuations in ice. Virtual Marine’s Ice Management Simulator includes high fidelity ice RADAR simulations, larger training areas and ice fields with a high number of pieces, bridge spotlights for night exercises, improved numerical models of vessel propulsion and ice interactions models, part task equipment trainers, updated features designed to practice lifeboat launches in ice, and automated tracking tools.

Virtual Marine develops and globally distributes marine simulators to support the offshore oil and gas, maritime training, and defence industries. Based in St. John’s, the company has 21 employees, and combines expertise in marine testing, human factors research and simulation-based training to provide realistic, effective and safe training tools for small craft and large vessels operators.

Virtual Marine is part of the Atlantic Oceans Supercluster, which represents aquaculture, defence, fisheries, marine renewable energy, ocean technology, oil and gas, shipbuilding and transportation, partnering with entrepreneurs, governments and post-secondary institutions. Through this successful proposal, local companies and academic institutions and their world class expertise are well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Newfoundland and Labrador will be well represented with almost 40 organizations as part of the Supercluster.