Air Services Provided for Bay of Islands Residents & Boil Order Remains in Effect #nlwx #nltraff

The Provincial Government has started providing air services for those in in the Bay of Islands that have been cut off after a washout on Route 450.

Helicopter service will be provided from Lark Harbour to Benoit’s Cove on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To arrange a flight, residents are asked to contact York Harbour Town Clerk Michelle Sheppard at 709-681-2280.

Residents will not be charged for the flight.

Residents with urgent medical emergencies should continue regular emergency procedures by calling 911.

Travel arrangements for dialysis patients will continue to be made by Western Health.

Repairs have already started on the washed out section of Route 450, a section near John’s Beach is currently preventing vehicles, including heavy equipment, from safely proceeding to the damaged portion of the highway to assist in repairs.

Boil water advisories remain in effect in the communities affected by flooding.

Those with a well should note:

  • Assess the condition of the well. Ensure the ground surface around the well is intact and stable. Check to see if any electrical components or wires are visible, or if there is damage to the well casing.

  • Mud, silt and other debris should be removed from the well casing, cap and all accessible components.

  • Disinfect the well.

  • After a contaminated well has been properly disinfected and the chlorine has been flushed out of the water system, the water should be tested to confirm that bacterial contamination has been removed.

  • Until testing shows that the water is free of bacterial contamination, continue to use disinfected or boiled water.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment helps communities with the chemical water quality; Service NL works with communities to determine when boil water advisories can be lifted.