RNC Announces New Police Recruit Program

If you were ever thinking about becoming an RNC officer it will become much easier.

Beginning in January of 2019 the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary will launch a a re-designed police recruit program.

Beginning in 2019, the police cadet training program will include several key changes that we believe will attract more interest from the public, and allow us to enhance the training new officers receive:

  • New Police Cadet training program will be for duration of six months (previously 12.) This will consist of fulltime core training in police skills at the RNC’s training center in St. John’s.

  • Recruit constables will begin their “on the job training in July” (previously September.)

  • Police Cadets will receive an hourly wage commencing at the beginning of their training. Once the officers complete their six month training they will receive a competitive salary as a recruit constable starting in July.

  • Educational pre-requisites and minimum requirements have changed and there will no longer be two semesters at university during the training term.