Several Provincial Ferries not running Due to Weather #nlwx #nltraffic

There are several provincial ferries not running today.

The MV Beaumount Hamel and MV Flanders on the Bell Island - Portugal Cove run is tied up in Portugal Cove due to high winds.

Due to high winds, the MV Legionnaire will be tied up at Man O'War Cove until further notice.

The Grace Sparkes is cancelling the 1:00 PM -Depart from St.Brendans, Due to High Winds and will update at 4:00PM for the 5:00 PM- Depary from St.Brendans.

Hazel Mcisaac is out of service due to strong winds.

MV Sound of Islay is out of service and stormbound at Rmaea.

MV Marine Voyager is stormbound at Francois.

There are weather warnings in effect for all of the Island and special weather statements along the Labrador coast.