St. John’s Improves Ranking in Canadian Child Care Fees Report

In a report yesterday on child care fees, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives notes that in 2017, St. John’s is reporting the highest reduction in median fees for preschoolers from the previous year (down 2.4%) – only two other Canadian cities showed a reduction (Burnaby and Calgary). St. John’s is also ranked the second lowest among centres that reported a waiting list.

The report, Time Out - Child Care Fees in Canada 2017, provides a detailed analysis of child care fees for infants, toddlers and preschoolers in the country’s 28 largest cities.

In 2017, since the release of the initial report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in 2014, St. John’s has improved its ranking. At the time of the first report, St. John’s was ranked second highest in infant fees in the country, but is now ranked in the middle of all cities surveyed for all age categories.