RNC Issuing Pedestrian Safety Tips #nltraffic

The RNC are issuing pedestrian safety tips after another pedestrian has been taken to hospital after being struck by a vehicle in St. John's on Wednesday night. Last week two other people were taken to hospital after being struck by vehicles.

As daylight hours continue shorten and winter settles in, police would like to remind the public of ways they can stay safe as pedestrians.

  • Wear bright color clothing at night or when visibility is low due to weather. Reflective vests or patches worn over clothing can make you more visible to motorists.

  • Cross roads only at designated crosswalks where possible. While motorists must stop for pedestrians at a cross walk, pedestrians must wait until they are certain motorists can see them and have come to a complete stop.

  • Don’t text and walk. Laws prohibit using a mobile device while driving, but even pedestrians must use common sense when crossing roadways and pay attention to traffic; not their phone.

Motorists can also help keep pedestrians safe by:

  • Reducing speed in low visibility or bad weather;

  • Not operating their mobile device while driving;

  • Reducing speeds in pedestrian dense areas such as downtown or in school zones and be ready to stop at crosswalks;

  • Cleaning all snow and frost from windows before entering traffic so that they can clearly see the road, other motorists and pedestrians.

  • Dark tinting on front windows is illegal and prevents drivers from making eye contact with pedestrians who are attempting to cross the road.