Changes Coming to Snow-clearing #nltraffic

Minister of Transportation and Works Steve Crocker unveiled a new addition to the department’s provincial snow clearing fleet that will improve how the province clears snow from the Trans-Canada Highway on the Avalon Peninsula this winter.

The department’s new tow plow is towed behind a traditional snow plow. The rear blade allows for snow to be cleared from the left lane and right lane at the same time.

The plow, the first of its kind for Newfoundland and Labrador, will be a part of the province’s tow plow pilot project that will examine the safety and effectiveness of using tow plows on provincial highways.

While signs on the rear of the equipment will alert motorists when the rear blade will move to the right or back behind the truck, motorists are reminded to maintain a safe driving distance behind the tow plow and all snow clearing equipment.

The new equipment will be deployed out of the department’s Foxtrap depot and be assigned to clear snow from the Trans-Canada Highway between Route 2 and Salmonier Line this winter.

The tow plow is a new addition to the more than 300 snow-clearing flyers throughout the province.

Following the winter season, the department will review its winter snow clearing operations to determine if more tow plows will be considered in the future.