Metrobus Prevents Disabled Person from Riding Bus

A newcomer to St. John's has felt anything but welcomed while using Metrobus Transit.

Samantha Cull uses a wheelchair for mobility and she was told by a Metrobus driver that her wheelchair was not permitted on the bus.

Cull was taking the Route 10 which is not "accessible" to get to MUN to transfer to Route 14 which is "accessible".

She is capable of walking on the bus by herself and she usually folds up the wheelchair and puts it on the seat in front of her feet.

On Thursday her boyfriend was folding up the wheelchair to get on the bus when the driver said he had to contact his boss to see if they can stay on the bus. He then said that they were not allowed on the bus.

Metrobus does allow folded strollers.

We tried contacting Metrobus for comment but at the time of publication we could not reach anyone from the company.