New Drivers License Unveiled #nltraffic

The Provincial Government today unveiled its new secure driver’s licence and photo ID cards which will help protect against identity theft, fraud and forgery. The new cards have multiple layers of security features which over-the-counter printing technology cannot produce, and also meet numerous industry and government standards.

The new driver’s licences and Photo IDs will begin to be issued later this fall to new applicants once the required technological updates are made at Motor Registration division offices throughout the province. After the new cards are available, residents that already have a valid driver’s licence or Photo ID will have theirs replaced when it is time for renewal.

Newfoundland and Labrador is joined by Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island on this initiative.

Examples of the cutting-edge security features include:

  • A changeable laser image which enables two or more images to occupy the same area;

  • A polycarbonate card body which is more durable, secure and tamper-resistant;

  • Laser engraving which raises the print making it difficult to tamper or modify;

  • An inventory control number which is unique and has an accompanying barcode; and

  • Tactile text.


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