RNC Announces Passing of Mounted Unit Horse

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has announced the passing of Fraize, one of its Mounted Unit Percheron horses.

Fraize was almost 20 years old and was born in Ontario. He was named after the late Detective Sergeant Tom Fraize, the first president of the RNC Association and founding president of the RNC Veterans’ Association. Fraize was donated to the RNC through funds raised by the RNC Veterans’ Association and the RNC Association.

Fraize was sworn into service with the RNC in April 2008 and was initially partnered with Cst. Jason Coombs. For the last several years Cst. Michelle Reid had been Fraize’s assigned rider. Fraize passed away at the RNC stables on October 2, 2017. His loss will be felt especially by the members of the RNC Mounted Unit including Dr. Rich and Dobbin, the two remaining Percheron horses.