Corner Brook Councillor Given 'Municipal Regulation Violation Notice'

It has been a week since the municipal elections in Newfoundland and Labrador.

In the City of Corner Brook there is one Councillor that is already facing calls to resign.

The City of Corner Brook has received complaints in relation to benches placed by Councillor Buckle and/or his campaign supporters on Municipal Election Day due to their proximity to the polling station located at St John the Evangelist on Main Street and their obstruction of a City sidewalk.

The City has investigated and has issued a Municipal Regulation Violation Notice to Councillor Buckle under the City of Corner Brook Street By-Law in relation to the placement of benches on the City’s sidewalk.

Section 28 states, "a person shall not place or move any thing on a sidewalk where such placement or movement will cause damage to the sidewalk or curb or where such rolling or placing of such thing will obstruct the free passage of the public."

The City also says that they do not have jurisdiction to address any alleged contraventions of the Municipal Elections Act.

The remedy for complainants who believe a candidate has committed an unlawful act that would disqualify that candidate from serving on council is to file a petition with the court in accordance with section 68 of the Municipal Elections Act.