RNC Combating Vehicle Related Thefts Using “Bait” Vehicles

– The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) General Investigation Unit is using “bait” vehicles to target car thieves.

Since August, members of the RNC’s General Investigation Unit have been parking unmarked, civilian, automobiles in various locations throughout the Northeast Avalon Region. Based on trends, the vehicles have been placed in areas that we believe to be more likely to be broken into or stolen. These decoy or “bait” vehicles are specially modified so they are cannot be put in motion.

Since January of this year, approximately 140 vehicles were reported stolen to the RNC. We believe that in many cases, vehicles are being stolen to use in other crimes such as break and entries, armed robberies or used for joy riding. We are also continuing to receive reports of personal items being taken from vehicles. We are reminding the public to always secure their vehicles and refrain from leaving valuables inside of unattended vehicles.

Starting Today, we will be placing large glow message signs near neighbourhoods with text advising that “bait” vehicles may be in the area. This will both serve as a reminder to the public to secure their vehicles as well as deter would-be car thieves from criminal activity. We are encouraging the community to be vigilant of suspicious activity and report all suspicious activity or persons in your neighbourhood by calling police right away.