Premier Ball Encourages Public to Help Identify Opportunities to Reduce Trade Barriers As Part of Na

The Provincial Government is inviting industry, businesses and labour organizations, along with the general public, to share their views on reducing trade barriers that impede business growth across Canadian provinces and territories. The identification of trade barriers that could be eliminated is being undertaken nationally and is a commitment outlined in the new Canadian Free Trade Agreement, which came into effect on July 1, 2017.

This feedback will be used to inform the Provincial Government’s approach to discussions with the Federal Government, as well as other provinces and territories, in identifying common barriers that could be eliminated.

The online questionnaire can be accessed at and the deadline for responses is October 6.

Regulatory barriers can include different provincial requirements for a variety of things such as testing or certification requirements, standards, trucking/shipping or other transportation requirements, occupational health and safety requirements, labelling requirements, sizing/packaging requirements, licensing requirements, or something else like a local content/residency requirement.

Quote “Our government is committed to working collaboratively with local contributors to the provincial economy and other provinces and territories to ease regulatory burdens and support new business activity. I encourage people to visit and share their opinions on how we can ease regulatory barriers on business.” Honourable Dwight Ball Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador