Gas Price Increase.

The maximum price of gas has jumped 13 cents per litre. The Avalon Peninsula will pay $1.39 per litre for self-service, and Labrador will be paying $1.55 a litre.

In Labrador the prices has jumped almost 15 cents and on the island its up by 4 cents a litre, and furnace and stove oil are up by 3 and 1/2 cents per litre.

These prices are said to be out of the normal in a weekly price adjustment.

The high fuel prices are due to the closing the oil refineries in Texas, which was caused by one of the worst storms Texas has seen in a while.

Gass prices are said to drop as early as next week.

In St. Johns everyone was lined up at costco's gas bars as the price of gas was at $1.16 a litre, George Murphy, an analyst with the Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices said it was the best thing that city has ever allowed in St. John's and because of the cheap gas at Costco, other venders will have no other choice but to drop their prices down.


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