Hundreds Already Gathered for Chase the Ace

Today is the day.

Today will be the final draw for our Chase the Ace fundraiser taking into consideration the safety of children returning to school in September.

Hundreds of people lined up early this morning to get a shot at the Ace.

There are eight cards remaining in the deck.

In the event that the Ace is not turned over on the first ticket draw, that ticket holder will receive the consolation prize as normal (based on 20% of ticket sales that night).

There will then make subsequent draws for validated ticket holders to come forward for their chance to choose a card. Each subsequent validated ticket holder who does not reveal the Ace of Spades shall receive a $25,000 consolation prize.

The validated ticket holder who reveals the Ace will get the escalated Jackpot only and is not eligible for any consolation prize.

Ticket sales take place at St. Kevin’s Parish Hall located on Main Road, Goulds from 8 am until 8 pm.

The jactpot is expected to climb to 2.5 million dollars.