Investment into the Irish Loop

The provincial government is investing $300,000 for the Edge of the Avalon Inn and the Southern Shore Folk Arts Council to further develop tourism initiatives, visitor experiences and support business growth in the area.

Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, announced the combined investment.

The Edge of the Avalon Inn received a repayable loan of $261,000 to assist with major enhancements to improve its visitor experience. Renovations included the installation of new siding, as well as significant upgrades to the kitchen, rooms, and dining areas. In addition, new interior and exterior doors were installed, and the property was landscaped to enrich its appearance to potential visitors.

A $32,777 investment from the department’s Regional Development Fund is being provided to the Southern Shore Folk Arts Council to develop and improve its tourism product offerings. The festival park will see enhancements to the stage, installation of a new canopy for the park entrance, and the construction of a multipurpose shelter. Upgrades to the Folk Arts Council grounds will include site drainage remediation, land development and the re-surfacing of the parking lot. Improvements to the Regional Arts Centre will include the installation of new windows, cobblestone, and thermal air conditioners.