Dennis O’Keefe Not Seeking Re-election #nlpoli

Mayor Dennis O’Keefe will not be seeking re-election.

O’Keefe spoke at a news conference today and said it's time to turn himself back to his family, himself and other opportunities.

He feels as though he i leaving the city in a better place.

Elected as mayor in June of 2008, O’Keefe has sat on council for 20 years.

Danny Breen has the support from O’Keefe for mayor.

Andy Wells and Renee Sharpe are also seeking the position.

O'Keefe was elected to municipal politics in 1997 as a councillor at large and was re-elected to the position in the 2001 municipal election. In 2005 he was elected Deputy Mayor of the city and held that position till the resignation of Mayor Andy Wells in 2008.