Government Releases Report on Improving Educational Outcomes #nlpoli

Premier Dwight Ball released the Premier’s Task Force on Improving Educational Outcomes Report.

The task force’s report includes 82 recommendations, which will guide the development of an Education Action Plan and support continued dialogue with key stakeholders. The recommendations focus on areas in the education system including mental health and wellness, inclusive education, mathematics, literacy, Indigenous education, multicultural education, co-operative education, early years, and teacher education and professional development.

The task force’s work will be used to inform Budget 2018 decisions and shape the future of Newfoundland and Labrador’s education system. Improvements will begin to be put in place for the 2018 school year.

The role of the Premier’s Task Force on Improving Educational Outcomes was to examine the Kindergarten to Grade 12 education system and make recommendations to improve student outcomes including measurable goals and milestones. The task force comprised Dr. Alice Collins Chairperson, Dr. David Philpott, Dr. Marian Fushell and Dr. Margaret Wakeham.