NL Joins Other Provinces in Releasing "Sunshine List"

The provincial government has released the "sunshine list".

The list, officially known as the Public Sector Compensation listings, lists includes all employees in government and specified public bodies including agencies, boards, commissions, health care bodies, educational bodies and Crown corporations who receive total compensation of over $100,000 a year.

The lists includes the name of the employee, official job title, name of the department or public body in which they are employed, and includes total compensation as well as a breakdown of base salary, overtime, shift premiums, retroactive pay, bonuses, other compensation, as well as severance where applicable.

The Act provides that an individual employee may be exempted from disclosure if it could reasonably be expected to threaten the safety or mental or physical health of the employee. There were no other grounds for granting individual employees an exemption to disclosure. In total there were 44 employees who were granted exemptions from the Compensation Disclosure list.

In addition, employees with the RNCA who qualify for the Compensation Disclosure list were granted a partial exemption. For reasons of safety associated with being a member of the RNCA, names of employees on the list from the RNCA will not be disclosed and instead each member’s name will be shown using a unique identifier. Job title and applicable compensation information will be shown as per the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act.