Auditor General: Government Not Prepared for Impact of Changing Demographics

Auditor General Terry Paddon delivered a report on Performance Audits of Departments and Crown Agencies to the House of Assembly.

The results of his audit of Government’s Preparedness for Changing Demographics were included in his report.

Paddon said, “Government is not prepared for the impact of changing demographics. Government has not assessed future service needs and has not planned for future costs.”

The demographics of Newfoundland and Labrador are changing and will continue to change. Most notably, the average age is increasing and the population is shifting from coastal communities to areas closer to the TransCanada Highway and the Avalon.

The Auditor General found that most Government departments examined had not assessed future service demand, and they did not have a long-term plan to meet future demands.

The report is available on the Office of the Auditor General website at


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