External Review of RNC Officers’ Conduct Concluded

An external review into the alleged criminal conduct of two RNC officers responsible for overseeing an organized crime investigation has determined that the officers were not involved in criminal conduct and that no grounds exist for charges.

Ronald MacDonald, Director of Nova Scotia’s Serious Incident Response Team, led the 18-month investigation into the two officers’ conduct after allegations were made that actions of the senior officers amounted to an obstruction of justice.

It was alleged that those senior officials improperly directed front line officers not to arrest, investigate, or charge an individual who was seen as important to the RNC investigation.

The report indicates that directions given by the RNC officers in question were done so in good faith and that the officers believed their conduct would assist in solving serious crimes.

The Department of Justice and Public Safety thanks the Nova Scotia Serious Incident Response Team for its work on this investigation. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to introducing legislation to implement its own civilian oversight team for police incidents in fall 2017.