Lodging Provided to Mud Lake Residents Displaced by Flooding

The Provincial Government has been granted assistance from the Federal Government to provide longer-term accommodations for residents of Mud Lake who have been displaced from their homes due to flooding.

Approximately 68 residents were evacuated from the Mud Lake area during response operations; of those, a smaller number of families required support in securing temporary accommodations due to limited private sector availability in the area. Temporary accommodations are now being provided for 18 residents at 5 Wing Goose Bay for a period of 30 days, at which time the Federal Government has indicated that it will reassess the situation.

As part of the initial response to the flooding event, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment requested assistance and was supported by Public Safety Canada and the Department of National Defence. The Canadian Armed Forces’ Search and Rescue aircraft assisted in airlifting residents during the evacuation phase and have responded to the request for longer-term lodging.