RNC to Participate in “Officer for a Day” Program

The Mount Pearl Citizens’ Crime Prevention Committee in partnership with the RNC and Mount Pearl Law Enforcement is pleased to sponsor OFFICER FOR A DAY, a project for students in Mount Pearl in grades 4-6. Two students won the privilege to act as officers for a whole day. They will be accompanied by Constable Ken Milks of the RNC and Constable Danielle Greavette of Mount Pearl Municipal Enforcement. Their day of duty will be on Friday, May 12,, 2017. May 15- May 19 is Police Week in Newfoundland and Labrador. This is a week where we have the opportunity to celebrate the effective and successful policing that is happening across our Province. It also provides opportunities to police and community to join together to celebrate the safe province in which we live. During this week we wanted our young citizens to be aware that police and law enforcement officers are one of the reasons they are living in a safe city. To achieve this, we asked that students create a card of thanks for a specific officer. The students were given the name of the officer that they had to create a card for. We were very pleased all schools in Mount Pearl took part in this contest. We received over 800 cards to present to the officers of the city. From these many cards two were chosen as winners, Taylor Hayes from Mary Queen of the Worls and Katie Leaman from Morris Academy. These two students will be police/law enforcement officers for a day.