Provincial Election in Nova Scotia at the End of May #nspoli

Nova Scotians will be heading to the polls on May 30.

Current Premier Stephen McNeil asked Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor John James Grant to dissolve the House of Assembly.

At the ceremony, the Premier formally requested the dissolution by the Lieutenant Governor and it was granted. The Lieutenant Governor signed the proclamation that dissolved the legislature and initiates the election. Election Day in Nova Scotia is Tuesday, 30 May 2017.

The grant of a dissolution is part of the constitution responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governor. The election comes at a good time for the Liberals as they introduced a budget that included $25.9-million surplus and an increase in the basic personal income amount along with many other measures.

McNeil's tenure as premier was plagued by protests from teachers and health-care workers.

The Liberals have 44% support, the Progressive Conservatives are at 28% support, 23% would vote for the New Democratic Party, finally the Green Party comes in at just 5%.