May is Clean up Month in Corner Brook

The City of Corner Brook will be holding several events for clean-up week in May.

From May 1-27 it's Ca$h for Cup$. A Cash for Cups Campaign will be underway in Corner Brook during the month of May whereby we will pay 5 cents for each used cup collected from City streets. The Campaign which runs from May 1st through to May 27th is meant to provide incentives to youth groups, schools, young people and residents alike who want to pitch in and help keep our City clean and litter free. In addition to paying 5 cents per cup there will also be 4 cups stamped and valued at $100 each (hidden among other cups) as an extra incentive for Campaign participants.

May 1 – 12 City of Corner Brook Spring Clean up. During this period, residents are requested to make a special effort to clean up their properties and take advantage of additional equipment that will be made available by the garbage contractor to remove garbage and debris to the Corner Brook Disposal Site. Residents are reminded that clean-up of additional items and bulk items will be collected on your regular garbage collection day.

May 5 – 7 Curbside Giveaway. By placing your unwanted but reusable items to the curb, they could become someone else’s treasure. Residents can simply place a “FREE” sign on the items to ensure there is no confusion. Treasure hunters can remove items with a “FREE” sign but should remember to respect people’s property when participating.

May 8 – 12 Bulk Clean up

May 12 – 13 Community Clean up

May 19 – 22 Campsite Clean Up

May 23 – 30 Car Litter Prevention Week