EDITORIAL: Why Protesters Can Be Narrow-Sighted #nlpoli

The Canadian flag is seen around the world as a beacon of freedom.

This country has provided, whether you believe it or not, a lot. National Defense, Health Care, Federal Payments, and so much more.

Canada also allows citizens to protest. As long as that protest is peaceful. What a country we live in, you can even fly a flag upside-down.

To the gentleman who put the flag upside-down on a flag pole during a fishery protest, congratulations, you have lost a lot of local support.

Many of us are proud to be Canadian and want to resolve our problems without being disrespectful.

Also what about the countless brave men and woman who fought and died for the maple leaf? What a great way to honor them!

If you want to protest, there are simple things you don't do. Childish antics will diminish your flock of supporters rather then draw any positive attention to it.