Budget 2017 What You Need to Know #nlpoli #budget2017

Finance Minister Cathy Bennett is delivering the budget in the House of Assembly.

The government will cut the gas tax by 8.5 cents on June 1 and 12.5 cents per litre by year's end.

There will be no new taxes or fees and no layoffs. However, Bennett wont say that jobs are safe.

Also announced was $13.2 million for Corner Brook Hospital and $7.5 million for the Waterford.

MUN and CNA will get $405 million in funding. The tuition freeze remains. Also announced is the restoration to the library funding. There will also be $120 thousand for inclusive education.

Muskrat Falls will receive $500 million in funding.

Government is projecting oil at $56 a barrel.

Debt at 14.6 billion. Projected budget of 1.1 billion. Down from 1.83 billion.


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