Historic Storm Cripples Eastern Newfoundland #nlwx

Photo Kayla Walsh | St. John's

Saturday will go down in the history books across Newfoundland as portions of the province received the strongest winds they had seen in 40 years.

The wind brought down whole buildings and houses. There was damage to many other properties. Power lines were snapped like twigs, trees were uprooted. and traffic lights were tossed around violently in the wind.

To clean up can begin today. Insurance companies are overwhelmed with claims.

On the west coast and in central Newfoundland it wasn't the wind that was causing issues but the snow. Many areas received heavy amounts of snow that closed roads, cause reduced visibility, blowing snow, and white out conditions.

In some areas the roads were closed and snow clearing equipment had to be taken off the roads. Today we will still not be completely cleared out. We will still see some snow along the west coast and some gusty winds across the province, but it will be nothing like what we saw yesterday.

For more on this storm visit www.wxcentre.ca