RNC Lay Charges in Four February Home Invasions

The RNC's Major Crime Unit has laid 139 new charges in relation to four February home invasions on the Northeast Avalon. Charges have been laid in connection with four home invasions that occurred last month. Fourth Street , Mount Pearl on February 3, 2017. Mt. Royal Avenue, St. John’s on February 4, 2017. Milton Road, Paradise on February 8, 2017. Angels Road, Paradise on February 9, 2017. On Thursday, March 2, 2017 additional charges were laid against four individuals who were previously charged in connection with the home invasion that occurred on Angels Road in Paradise on February 9, 2017. The four men are: Tyler Donahue of St. John’s; Mitchel Nippard of St. John’s; Abdifatah Mohamad of Toronto; and Gary Hennessey of St. John’s. Additionally, an arrest warrant has been issued for Mohamed Salim of Toronto who is also listed as a missing person. Furthermore, charges of Obstruction of Justice have been laid against Kaylen King of St. John’s. The four men, who are currently in custody, plus Salim, are charged with: Break and Enter; Armed Robbery; Forcible Confinement; Assault with a Weapon; Breach of Court Orders as well as firearms related offences. During the home invasion on Mount Royal Avenue on February 4, 2017, two dogs were injured – one fatally – and charges of Animal Cruelty under the Criminal Code have been laid. The four men will appear at Provincial Court in St. John’s today. King was charged on February 15, 2017 and released to appear at a later date.