The Seal Hunt

In the Canadian commercial seal hunt, the majority of the hunters use firearms to kill the seals.

Ninety percent of sealers on the ice floes of the Front, where the majority of the hunt occurs, use firearms.

The hakapik is the older and more traditional method of killing seals. The hakapik is a heavy wooden club with a hammer head and metal hook on the end.

Seals can be killed quickly without damage to its pelt. The hammer head is used to crush the seals' thin skulls, while the hook is used to move the carcasses.

Under law, "every person who strikes a seal with a club or hakapik shall strike the seal on the forehead until its skull has been crushed," and that "no person shall commence to skin or bleed a seal until the seal is dead, which occurs when it has a glassy-eyed, staring appearance and exhibits no blinking reflex when its eye is touched while it is in a relaxed condition."

Canada's biggest market for seal pelts is Norway. Many countries have banned Canadian seal products.